child walks through sensory path natural colutr
child walks through sensory path natural colutr
child walks through sensory path natural colutr
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path sports game
sensory path in black colour sports game
sensory path in natural colour on the carpet
sensory path in natural colour
Good wood sensory path fits good rocker


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The good wood sensory path is an extraordinary combination of functionality, aesthetics and ecology.

With designer, minimalist designs, a variety of textures and the use of recycled materials, our path provides an unforgettable sensory experience while taking care of our planet. Discover its magical world and develop your senses in a conscious and eco-friendly way. Our sensory path is a unique solution consisting of five panels that can be easily arranged as a path or obstacle course. This number is not a coincidence! It is the perfect complement to the Good Wood ladder. This means that you can use it as a separate product, or in combination with our other products. Each panel has stabilizers on the underside to prevent the panel from sliding off the ladder and to give the panels the right height. However, what sets our sensory path apart from others is not only its functionality but also our attention to aesthetics and ecology. When designing our path, we paid particular attention to the designer patterns and the various textures of the panels. Each panel has a unique pattern that stimulates the senses and encourages interaction. We also use a variety of textures, such as the soft fabric of balls, the rough surface of ropes or smooth wood. All to provide a variety of sensory stimuli.

Concern for the environment is equally important to us. That's why you won't find any resin-drenched panels in our sensory pathway, which could increase the negative impact on the environment. Instead, we use materials that we already have available from other projects, such as the plywood that is left over from the production of the rocker or the rope. In this way, we avoid using up a new plywood panel and give a second life to materials that would have gone to waste. The good wood sensory path is an innovative and ecological solution that focuses on aesthetics, a variety of sensory stimuli and care for the environment. We invite you to discover and explore our
unique sensory path that provides not only pleasure, but also education and sensory development.

Why use a sensory pathway?

Using a sensory pathway is not only great fun, but also for the healthy development of your child.
Our products can be used to support sensory integration therapy, but they carry many more advantages. These are:
1. sensory stimulation: the sensory pathway provides a rich sensory experience, stimulating the senses of touch, sight and balance. A variety of textures, materials and shapes engage the child's senses, promoting sensory development.
2. motor development: as befits good wood, we couldn't leave out this area. Walking through the path involves a variety of movements and activities, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills. Children practice balance, eye-hand coordination proprioception, or deep feeling.
3. creativity and exploration: the sensory path stimulates children's creativity by encouraging them to explore different textures and patterns. Children can create their own stories and games while developing their imagination and cognitive skills. We like multifunctionality and hidden benefits.
4. Mood enhancement and relaxation: dear parent, this point should be of particular interest to you. Using a sensory pathway can improve mood, reduce stress and calm you down. It has a relaxing effect, helping children and adults to relax and find peace in a pleasant environment.
5. Supporting speech development: It's not obvious, but experts have proven that a variety of tactile sensations with the hand, such as exploring textures and manipulating objects, can support speech development in children through sensory stimulation and experiential learning.
6. Improving physical health: Remember our main slogan? Move to groove! Movement is health. Walking barefoot over different textures on the sensory path engages the muscles of the feet, improving circulation and correcting postural defects.
7. Strengthening bonds and communication: Believe us! We experienced this on our own children when we were with them at the Special Olympics in Berlin. There, children from different countries, with and without disabilities, had no difficulties or barriers in communication. The sensory pathway (as well as our other products) creates opportunities to interact and play together, strengthening the bond between children, or child and carers. Children learn to communicate their feelings and sensations with the world around them.

What does the set contain?

The set consists of five unique panels.
• Holes - these are panes where you can place rubber balls, anti-stress balls or tennis balls.
• 2 panels with tabs - these are panels with smooth inserts to massage your feet.
• 2 panels with ropes - each with a different pattern and thickness of rope. So that each step evokes a different sensation.

What materials are the panels made of?

To make the panels we used:
• 18mm thick melamine-film-coated plywood
• Natural hardwood plywood
• Ropes - woven from polypropylene silk, with a polypropylene core, Polish manufacturer

What are the dimensions of the path?

The dimension of each tile is: 50x20cm.

For which age is the interlaced path intended?

The path will serve children who are beginning to walk and older ones. There are no height or weight restrictions here either. So go ahead, dear parent, you too can improve your circulation while enjoying an extraordinary sensory experience.

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