Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
waterproof bean bag tunnel sensory owl
waterproof sensory bean bag tunnel
Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf | Sensory Owl
waterproof sensory bean bag yellow side

Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf

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Sensory Owl
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Durable endless play with Waterproof Sensory Bean Bag Tunnel Pouf. 

Sensory play is full of different stimulations including those with paint, water, glue and sand. The sensory room gets messy and hard to clean. The waterproof sensory bean bag is easy to wipe after hours of artwork. 

Main features:

  • ideal for home, therapy, school, kids corner and indoor play areas 
  • cover made from 100% waterproof fabric easy to wipe and clean
  • inner part filled with polystyrene beads
  • help to stimulate the proprioceptive and tactile system through squeezing, pressing and gentle massaging
  • perfect to sit, hide in, squeeze through or jump
  • very lightweight 
  • pouf size: 90x70cm 

How to use Bean Bag Tunnel in Sensory Integration

Deep pressure stimulation involves squeezing and massaging the body. Those who have a sensory disorder often need regular stimulation. OT therapy and sensory exercises (so-called diet) help to relax and relieve stress related to missing information from those senses. 

Whole-body exercises: Roll the tunnel over the person from the head to toes. Repeat several times. Regulate the pressure by involving the person lying on the floor. 

Middle body part exercises: Ask the user to squeeze through the tunnel. Roll the tunnel with the person inside  

Anxiety / Anger relief exercises: Let the user squeeze and punch the tunnel to relieve the anger. Massage the body by rolling and squeezing. 

Group exercises: Squeezing through the tunnel stimulates the senses but also develops gross motor skills. Set two or more tunnels for sports rivalry games. 


This tunnel has a waterproof outer layer and it is easy to maintain. Wipe clean only. 



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